Frozen/broken pipe repair

We are an emergency restoration company, specializing in the water removal and restoration process for your home or business. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our experts are waiting to help prevent further damage and make all necessary repairs.

       Broken Pipes


ER Restoration works quickly and efficiently to start the repair process. After the initial phone call, our experts will be on site within 60 minutes to help prevent any further damage to your property. 

Broken pipes - Whether you have a small or big leak occurring, these are very damaging to your property. Not only do they cause additional expense in your water bill, they can also destroy the interior of your home or business. This emergency should be addressed immediately. Call our experts and they will be on the way to help.

       Frozen Pipes


Frozen pipes - If your home or business is left unheated, your pipes may become frozen. With the water inside of these pipes expanding, this can cause a significant amount of damage. Let ER Restoration inspect these frozen pipes and take all of the necessary precautions to limit the damage.  



Since 2010 ER Restoration has been providing excellent customer service to the Tri-Cities area. Our experts are fully trained in the industry standards including IICRC. Call us today for your water repair needs. 

*IICRC (Institute of inspection, cleaning, and restoration certification).

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